Cracking The Quit 9 To 5 Academy Secret

Working online screams freedom- breaking free from the jail cells called cubicles. It offers you tremendous opportunities to do the things that you love and enjoy while still earning, but how do you bridge the gap between quitting your 9 to 5 and successfully growing an online business? Hopefully, these tips will inspire you.Cracking The Quit 9 To 5 Academy Secret

1. Look for Ideas

The online world is full of people looking for solutions and those offering those solutions. To come up with a solution, you first need an idea. Granted: there are gazillions of ideas out there but take heed not to force any on yourself. Take time to do some self-reflection, thinking of those things that make you happy- chances are that’s where your niche lies. For most people, that idea is something that they’ve been doing but for others, it’s a skill that they will need to first learn before they can offer it. Take time every day to attend to your idea that’s how it will grow.

2. Join a Facebook Group

You need a community of like-minded people to prosper. Facebook gives you that platform. There are many groups on Facebook- as many as the niches or even more. You can find communities anywhere online but the thing with Facebook is that most of these groups are very dynamic. You will get a lot of ideas from these groups in the messages exchanged and advice given. You can ask anything and you will have many people offer their help.

3. Put Yourself Out There

You have the idea and you have the support, it’s now time to show yourself to the world. This involves setting up a website and getting a social media presence. Many people fear that starting a website is very hard but it’s in fact very easy. There are many sites such as WordPress that can let you set up a website for free. Alternatively, watch some YouTube videos for guidance. Ensure that your website and social media platforms are in sync so that your clients gain some trust in you. For example, if your website is:, your Instagram should be similar with say @iknowiwantthis. It makes you appear legit.

4. Content

Last but not least, pay attention to the content that you offer. Most people will come back for the content more than for anything else.

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